Midnight Starling Detective Agency

Bea’s a tough as nails private investigator with one slight problem. Every time she sneezes, she ends up covered in feathers, literally. One moment she’s trailing a suspect, and the next she’s a four-ounce Starling. It’s a secret Bea has tried to keep quiet her entire life, even from the people she loves the most. And if that weren’t bad enough, her life is about to change forever when a wolf shows up out of nowhere and snatches her out of the sky. Suddenly, being a bird is the least of her problems.

Poppy loved Bea the moment she was born. Having been selected to raise her has always been the biggest honor and joy in her life. Now that Bea was an adult, it was time to tell her the truth about who she really was and unlock her magic for her. It’s a responsibility that Poppy has been stalling to do for way too long, out of fear of her reaction. But after Bea goes missing, she realizes that her hesitation may be the one thing that causes her to lose Bea forever.

On top of the world shifting under both women’s feet because of the secrets they’ve been keeping from each other, Poppy learns of a bigger danger. One that puts not only Bea in harm’s way, but everyone in the magical community. Now, with the truth in the light, both women must come together and fight to save each other and everything they care about.

Midnight Starling is an urban fantasy novel full of adventure and just a hint of romance!