Hell is just a place on earth, right?

For Lucy, this couldn’t be any closer to the truth. Stuck working in another dead-end job in another unremarkable city, Lucy’s adapted to life on the run by arming herself with a smokescreen of snarky humor. Sometimes though, her filter-less sasses land her in hot water, especially when it comes to triggering her unruly magic. But, still haunted by the memory of her parents’ deaths, she does her best to scrape by under the radar. Little does she know, however, mysterious forces at work have other plans for her.

After a trip to the pound where a small, scrappy black cat befriends her, a rapid series of events thrusts Lucy—literally—into the complicated world of Hell. Caught up in the politics for the scramble to secure Lucifer’s throne, Lucy’s birthright is challenged when a nefarious plot arises, threatening the stability of not only Hell, but the relationships she’s worked to build after years of mistrust. 

Lucy will need to learn to rely on others and use the help offered to her by an alluring demon and a ragtag team of misfits in order to save Hell before it’s ripped apart by all manners of depraved, ruthless enemies.

A #WhyChoose Reverse Harem Series!!

Four swords to fight by your side, tried and true and in the breath of time. One through hope, one through pain, one through grief and one through gain. Hands clasped under the moon, the three fates shall repair the loom. 

Like greeting an old friend, if that friend is a slap across the face from reality, Lucy launches herself headfirst into a new series of challenges that come with the territory of being the Queen of Hell. After finding herself caught in the middle of an ongoing conflict simmering just below the surface of Hell’s five realms, Lucy must contend with a growing list of the dos and don’ts of ruling while making sure she comes out unscathed. 

On top of being pulled every which way by royal duties and rules, Lucy must also juggle a newfound romantic life she couldn’t have previously imagined. As her love for Cain grows, the arrival of a mysterious stranger throws a wrench in her initial plans. And of course, he’s not the only one who has their eyes set on the vivacious queen. 

As if things couldn’t get any harder, the uncertainty of Lucy’s future increases as a lurking threat begins to rear its head. Before long, she is faced with the decision about how to protect herself, those she loves, and a kingdom that has not only grown on her, but depends on her birthright to keep it in balance. Can Lucy figure out the key to keeping her world intact while also opening her heart to the love of all the men in her life before it’s too late?

On the scale of being caked by a minxle to foiling assassinations, everything should have prepared the Queen of Hell for waking up to a handsome stranger, right? After Abaddon ran away with this tail firmly tucked, and Lucy could finally catch her breath, she was prepared to start a new life with the men and family she loved most. But letting her guard down was her first mistake.

In a race against her own future, Lucy must trust her instincts now more than ever. And if she wants to stand a chance at restoring Hell and her reign, she also needs to tread carefully around familiar faces. If there is one thing she knows all too well, it’s that not everyone is as they seem.


Lucy-fer is Queen of Hell and ready to kick butt – LD
“Queen Lucy’s a great read. Her internal monologue “headlines” are a hoot. And her RH are great characters. So much I didn’t expect in this book and it had me crying and laughing. “

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